Best Snipping Tools for taking Screenshot on Mac

Apple has developed several products over the period, but their most popular product always has been Mac OSX. A MacBook is a powerful laptop that runs on Mac, which comes with several features. One of the primary reasons why many professionals use the MacBook because it comes with robust professional programs like the Final cut pro, run Adobe programs like butter, and more.

However, not many people know this, but MacBook coves only 21% of the computer world, the Microsoft Windows is dominating rest. The limitations of a MacBook is vast as many programmers prefer to launch programs on Windows first if they are lucky, they offer Mac OSX version.

Snipping Tools for Mac

Have you ever wondered how many WordPress themes and a full-sized picture of a window is taken? It’s the snipping tool that allows you to take a complete snapshot of the page. Snipping tools are handy for designers and presenters to showcase their work.

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Not many developers have made snipping tool on Mac.However, Mac doesn’t have to miss the tool at all because there are already existing available Snipping tools you can use, and we ate going to list them all.

  • Snagit – Powerful Screen Capture Software

If you are a professional person, who wants a screen capture software for professional reasons, then you should go for it because it comes with several features that will put a smile on your face.  Do not forget that the plugin is premium, which comes at a price of $46.9/Year.

The program is developed to function both Windows and Mac to capture your screen, screenshots, video stills, scrolling screens, and more. The number of options provided in the program will give you full control over the screenshots.

As well as screen capture, Snagit can also help you edit your image, add effects such as magnifying a particular element, create steps, stamps and add text. It’s quite a powerful little tool.

Features of Snagit:

  1. You can take snapshots of screen and web pages as well.
  2. You can enhance the pictures by adding text, effects, transitions, and more.
  3. You can quickly create a video in few minute to show your audience as a demo.
  4.  There are editable tools like Trimmer, Add texts, and sharing capabilities, which can help you remove unwanted clips.
  5. The quality of the picture is high and does not pixelate after zooming to a percentage.

Download Here.

  • Snip By Tencent Technology

Snip is a screen-capture application that can capture the active window or custom areas. Drag to zoom in/out the screenshot; add labels, texts and handwriting contents of your choice and save it to your device or the clipboard.

If you one of those Mac users who is looking for screen capture software that comes with user-friendly interface and features, then Snip is one of those programs. You don’t need to have the knowledge to use the program, and the functions are elementary to use.

Features of Snip:

  1. You can drag to zoom in and out.
  2. You can add labels, handwriting contents, texts and more.
  3. It supports retina display, so the quality of the screenshots will be top notch.
  4. Sharing capabilities.
  5. You get editing features as well so that you don’t have to open an additional program for editing.
  6. Custom location and size can be set using the Snip.

Download Here.

  • Lightshot for Mac

The PRNSCTR team develops Multi-platform screen capture program Lightshot. There are plenty of features you get for free-of-cost. If your requirements are essential and a free-user then Lightshot is the perfect choice for you.

Features of Lightshot:

  1. The user interface is friendly, and you don’t have to learn anything new about it. Anyone can master the Lightshot within few minutes.
  2. You can select the area (Custom area) and take snapshots faster than any other Snipping tool.
  3. If you want to make quick edits, then you can do it on the Lightshot itself. You save time to open and edit in an additional editing program.
  4. In case, if you want to check, whether there is an existing image out there, Lightbox offers you similar image search option, you can use this opportunity to find out if there is a current image on the Internet.
  5.  Sharing capabilities.

Download Here.

  • Skitch – Snap. Mark up. Share

Skitch has been in the market for a very long time, and they were able to make it to the top because there was no competition in the market for them during their time. One of the primary reasons why anyone should go for it because of the user interface.

Features of Skitch:

  1. The program aim is simple and straightforward. Take a snapshot, edit and share it.
  2. You can select a custom area and take multiple snaps at the same time.
  3. You can take the screenshots then add an annotation to it. You can also embed it in the Evernote.

The product demand is good, which is why the company reconsidered to keep updating the program.

Download Here.

  • Jing (Mac)

Jing is an open-source program that comes with decent features for free-of-cost. The program has been around for a while, but there is no official place to download it, which is why the program has been unrated and pretty much in shadow.

Features of Jing:

  1. You can take high-quality snapshots using the Jing.
  2. You can select the customs area or full desktop screenshot.
  3. You can also take a screenshot of five minutes long video.
  4. It also allows you to select one area or the whole region.
  5. Edit functions are available like adding annotation, highlights, texts, arrows, captions, and more.
  6. The screencast is a website where you can share photos, and you can upload your screenshots instantly, or you can share it via email.

The Jing is available for Windows and Mac, so download the program from the link below because there are no reliable and virus free sources available on the Internet.

Download Here.

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Mac OSX is an accessible operating system that has limitations when it comes to software, but we have provided a list of Snipping tools, which you can use to take snapshots of the screen. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section.

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