How to download paid apps for free Easily

Android operating system is currently one of the two most popular and dominant operating systems ruling the smartphone category. This basically means that a lot of people use Android smartphones, now there are certain advantages that Android has over iOS and to use those advantages you need to know certain tricks. One advantage that Android has is that, it is an operating system in which you can download and install apps from any source as compared to iOS, in which you are stuck to download apps from the Appstore alone.

Now there are many apps that are paid in the official stores for various reasons. But by using the trick that I am going to show you, you can easily download paid apps for free for your Android smartphone.

how to download paid apps for free

The trick that I am going to tell you does not require rooting your Android device. So there is no need to unnecessarily root your android device to download paid apps for free. Just follow the article to know more info:

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How to download paid apps for free?

As I told you before that Android lets you install apps from any source, then this has led to the rise of a few app markets that have paid apps available for free download. These app market applications are not available on Google Play Store, so you will need to download APK files of the following.

1. BlackMart

BlackMart is an app market just like Google Play Store. It has loads of apps available on it. Though the quantity of apps is not similar to the Google Play Store, but each and every app available is totally free of cost. Also BlackMart is the most trusted app for this purpose.

This app market is quite popular and hence there are a lot of paid apps that are available here for free. However if the application that you want is not present in this store. Then try the store that I am going to leave next.

Download Blackmart apk from here.

2. 4Shared

This is the app market that is present since a long time, and is providing paid apps for free since. The user interface of the app is smooth and is easy to use. It has lots of games, mp3 music, movies and more. You can even upload any data on it, and only just need an account for it which can be easily created via Google or Facebook.

Click here to visit 4Shared.

3. Mobogenie

This is also an amazing app market that provides paid apps for free on Android. The collection of apps in this market is huge and you will find any app that you want. The user interface is amazing and it is easy to use. However there is one limitation that it has and that is the number of ads that show up. Other than that it is an amazing market.

These are the three best app markets from which you can download paid apps for free. If you find this article helpful then comment below for others to see and share this article with your close ones for them to use their android phones to the fullest.

Download Mobogenie here.

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