How to fix rats webgl hit a snag error Easily

Sometimes while using WebGL(Web Graphics Library) we have an error about site crashing and telling us that the WebGL(Web Graphics Library) is not supported after that you will be hit across an error message saying that “Rats! WebGL hit a snag” while surfing on the Chrome browser.

So no matter if we try to Reload the web page or try to go to another website the message will keep on reappearing to such extent that in fact we will be getting an error message every time the browser will try to access WebGL. Web Graphics Library also nicknamed as the “WebGL” is a Javascript API that simply Renders all interactive 3D and 2D computer graphics present on any web browser that is Compatible without needing any of the plug-ins or add-ons.

If you are stuck and do not know as to what you should do in order to escape this error then look no further as we got a few fixes for you so that your problem can be dealt with. You do not have to try them all but just keep on working until one works out for you.

webgl hit a snag

Fix #1- Disabling Hardware Accelerated Graphics in Chrome

To fix this problem we can simply disable hardware accelerated graphics from the settings present in google chrome and to achieve this just keep on following the steps mentioned ahead.

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First of all navigate to chrome://settings>>show advanced settings after that, at that place you will see an option quoted “use hardware acceleration when available” and simply uncheck it followed by restarting your browser to make the changes live.

If this solution works for you than it is well and good however if it does not then follow the next step.

Fix #2- Disable WebGL

To disable WebGL go to chrome://flags and then search for the option quoted “Disable WebGL”, enable this option and restart your browser.

It is highly unlikely that if your problem still is present, but if you come across this error once again then there is another way to tackle it.

Fix #3- Chrome GPU

Navigate to the Chrome://GPU and here you will find the Problems detected heading there check for any unusual red warnings. By this you can easily figure out that what the problem actually is, and what exactly is causing that error message to pop up.

These steps should have solved your issue. If it did then comment below so that the other users could see if not then tell us so that we can come back at you asap.

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