Fix Error Code 0x80070005 Windows 7, 8, 10

Windows 10 is the latest version operating system launched by Microsoft. According to the Microsoft, the Windows 10 is an improved version of its predecessors, and the developing team has fixed many errors and bugs.

It seems like that the old Windows version like Vista, Seven, and Eight bugs and errors have been fixed in the Windows 10, but the new one keeps arising in the latest version. One thing is clear that no error and bug would go away as long as Microsoft developing the operating system.

Windows 10 has new error while using Store, updating an app, using XBOX, and more.

Fix error 0x80070005

Now, how to solve it?

The error code 0x80070005 caused by various issues occurred in your Windows laptop or PC. It doesn’t have one solution as there are many problems involved with error code 0x80070005.

Allow us to give you solutions for three problems that comes with error code 0x80070005.

Fix Error code 0x80070005

1. System Restore

Microsoft blessed us with a feature that was introduced decades ago comes in handy to this date. You can always use System Restore to get rid of the corrupted file out of your core files.

System restore does help you to get rid of the problem because it holds a blueprint copy of the system files, which will enable you to get rid of the program or service that is getting in between functions.

In most of the cases, System Restore does help to solve the problem, but it is not assured. However, make sure to create a new restore point because the changes or solutions you may try might solve the problem might mess your PC even more.

So, create a restore point.

2. Clean Boot

Windows 10 does have the option to clean boot, and you can clean boot into the Windows, which will start the PC with minimum drivers. You can say that Windows will start with needed drivers only, so you can figure out, which program is interrupting.

Those who don’t know that some programs interrupt other programs, and functions due to their nature of performing a set of functions. In such cases, it is extremely hard to identify the culprit, and you end up scratching your head.

The vital solution is to clean boot and disable all additional non-Windows features and functions.

Step 1: Go to search bar and type System configuration. You have to run as administrator, which will open and you can make changes without any errors.

Step 2: The interface might look at little intimidating, but it is an easier process once you go through the steps we are about to show you. But, make sure that Startup selection should always be in Normal Startup.

Step 3: Now, you can see that there are many options on the above menu. You have to select Services, and you will see many services on the list.

Step 4: At the bottom, you have to click on “Hide all Microsoft services” and click on “Apply,” then click on “Okay.”

By doing this will disable all non-Windows services like Antivirus, Few unnecessary Windows functions as well. Don’t worry about the disabled functions because you can always come back to the same place and uncheck the “Hide all Microsoft services” and click on “Apply,” then click on “Okay” to make Windows work normally,

Step 5: Restart your Windows PC.

Now, you can try if the issue you were having with the program is solved or not.

3. Wipe Windows Store Cache

Windows Store cache is one of the primary causes of why you are having issues with updating apps, not functioning properly, and other issues.

If you are having issues with your Windows store or its functions, then this might work for you because store app saves a cache of previously download data, which creates errors.

You can solve it by clearing the cache using a simple inbuilt tool.

Do not worry about the changes it makes to your Windows Store because nothing will be affected, and Store app will get rid of the previously saved data that we don’t need it.

Follow the steps, and you will get rid of the cache in few seconds.

Step 1: Go to search bar or Cortana and type “wsreset” and wait till the results show up. The program is format is CMD, and you will “Run as Command.”

Step 2: Run the “wsreset” as administrator. The reason why we are recommending you to run it as administrator because Windows consider Cache as an important aspect, so without administrator rights, it won’t be easy to get rid of entire cache.

Step 3: A Command prompt window will show up on your screen, and you have to wait for a while. Nothing will show up on the screen, and it will remain pitch black in the command prompt.

Step 4: The command prompt window will disappear, and the Windows store will appear.

If the Windows store homepage appears on your screen, then clearing cache was successful.

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4. Uninstall Windows Updates & Troubleshooter

If you are having issues with Windows Update, then there are ways you can solve the problem.

Do not forget that Windows update program downloads and installs the updates without your permission because they recommend it and you allow it to happen.

In the process of automatically installing the updates on your PC might come with a risk. My Windows pc started to lag when I have updated the AMD graphic driver, and I have been there too.

The lagging problem solved immediately, when I rolled back the update to the previous version, and you can tell that the update caused the lags.

So, let’s begin with uninstalling the recently installed updates.

Step 1: Go to settings and scroll down until you find “Update and Security” and open the setting.

Step 2: Select “Windows Update” and click on “Update History.”

Step 3: Another tab will open and you have to click on “Uninstall Updates.”

Step 4: Make sure to uninstall any update that installed on the date where you started to face this error.

Now, try to check, if the Windows update is working or not.

You can identify the problem by going to “Windows update troubleshooter FAQ” Microsoft forum.


Windows comes with too many errors, and there’s always a solution to it. However, identifying the culprit is the challenging part. If everything fails, then you can RESET your PC to get rid of Malware and Adware that made changes to your PC. Let us know what do you think about it in the comment section below.


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