How to download clips from twitch

Twitch is an online and a popular service that provides with the option of streaming online live games. It was initiated and launched itself to the public during 2011, and intitally concentrated completely on video games. However, as every innovation requires a development, Twitch also moved itself and expanded it’s usage from videos games to also dedicated it’s work towards music, TV series and talk shows. This streaming service has wrapped around over 2 million users of this streamer. Twitch was further profited by being purchased by Amazon in 2014 and has the highest trafficking on the Internet in North America.

Twitch may have started off in the industry by entirely keeping it’s focus on video games, but appealing and giving the crowd varieties is necessary and thus that’s exactly why it has expanded itself to streaming of live broadcasts and music. The most popular, which does not belong to the category of gaming is the IRL (In Real Life) where streamers simply have a chat with their viewers. Talk Shows is another popular non-gaming option which contains a mix of live panel discussions, talks and debates. Twitch offers you the same amount of quality YouTube offers you, but the only difference is that Twitch has it’s name in the idea of online streaming of videos.

Where is Twitch Available?

If you wish to use this service, you can fine this on the official website of Twitch or rather on the official Twitch Applications that are available on iOS, Android, Sony’s PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Amazon’s Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and the NVIDIA SHIELD.
Watching any broadcasts or more like, the usage or Twitch is completely free and does not require you to empty your pockets. Also it isn’t necessary for you to create an account on this stream. However if you do create an account, you get a benefit of adding your favourite channels to your following list and participation in each stream’s unique chatrooms.

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How do I download Clips from Twitch?

Sure YouTube gives you an option of downloading videos once you’ve signed up for YouTube Premium Account and somehow you cannot do that in Twitch where you could download videos and watch them offline. However, if you do know the basics and proper ways of doing so, you can actually download clips from Twitch and save it on your desktop.
Yes, you can do that. Let us teach you how.

Step 1: To begin with, save a clip you want to download to your own account, or find the clip on someone else’s clips page.
Step 2: Remember, this thing only works with clips so make sure that the clip is shorter than 60 seconds or lesser.
Step 3: Now open ad blocker’s settings on your device by right-clicking on the icon in your browser and selection options.
Step 4: A tab would open in your browser, now search for “My Filters” setting in your ad blocker. For uBlock Origin users, it’s the “My Filters” tab; for AdBlock Plus users.
Step 5: Once a custom’s tab is opened, copy and paste both these links in the tab

Step 6: Apply all these changes, and you’re done with your settings.
Step 7: Now, move to the Twitch page once by refreshing it. Now everytime you find a clip, you can right click it and click on “Save Video As..” and download the clip to your desktop then and there!

Quite easy now, wasn’t it?
Also, do remember that this is only applicable on segments that are 60 seconds of duration or any lesser.

All those downloaded clips are now yours to enjoy!

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