Disable Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry Windows 10

Windows 10 gives its users a plenty of features, out of which some are useful some are not and a few have their own benefits and losses.

Microsoft compatibility telemetry service is probably one of them and it is a feature which comes enabled by default in every Microsoft device. What it does is that it collects information on the user activity and then delivers it to Microsoft, you may think as to why do they do so and to be honest the idea behind this feature is actually innocent as it delivers only basic system diagnostics information such as logs of how frequently you use features and applications or system files.

You would think that what exactly is sent to Microsoft Windows 10 that is transmitted back to the company. So it basically includes the text which is typed on keyboard sent every 30 minutes and anything said into a microphone is transmitted back plus transcripts of the things that you say while using Cortana and also including index of all the media files on your computer also and when and only when your webcam is first enabled, 35mb of data is transmitted back and finally the telemetry data.

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Therefore due to cases like these the Microsoft compatibility telemetry needs to be disabled. If you do not know as to what you should do to perform the task, follow the steps given below.

Methods to Disable Compatibility Telemetry

There are two methods to disable compatibility Telemetry.

Method #1- Using Services Desktop App

To do so first of all open the Services Desktop App via searching ‘run‘ in the search bar present right next to the Start. 



And then just locate the Diagnostics Tracking Service in the services list followed by opening its Property Sheet and finally stop the Diagnostics Tracking Service and change the Startup Type to Disabled.



If the problem still persists then follow the next fix.

Method #2- Using GPO in Windows 10

Follow this location in your first step

  • Computer Configuration and then Administrative Templates followed by Windows Components and then the Data Collection and Preview Builds and finally Allow Telemetry

Create your own GPO via the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\DiagTrack then just open the subkey that corresponds to the service that you wish to change and then modify the value of ‘Start‘ to equal to either “2” for Automatic and  “3” for manual or “4” to disable it.

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This should have solved your issue, if it did then comment below so that others can see it however if it didn’t then tell so that we can come back at you asap.

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