How to check who unfollowed you on Instagram Guide

If you use Instagram then you do keep a check of your followers count. Now when you lose a follower you can check the number of followers easily, however it is quite difficult to check that who was the person that unfollowed you as the official app does not have a feature to tell you that straight away.

Check Who unfollowed you on instagram

The only way to check who unfollowed you is to do it manually and by keeping the track of your followers and then checking the following list of your followers one by one which is obviously very time consuming and impractical regardless of how much followers you have.

So if you had a loss of followers and want to know as to who unfollowed and why then fortunately there are third party solution for it. This is however not possible by using the official Instagram app alone as you will need to download extra third party apps.

Check Who unfollowed you on Instagram

So here are three best third party resources using which you can keep a track of your followers:

1. Unfollowgram

This is probably one of the best and simplest tool using which you can find out who unfollowed you on Instagram online. So to use it you will first need to connect it with your Instagram. After that, Unfollowgram will ask for your email address and then it will show you instructions that you will be required to follow in order to check that who unfollowed you. So follow all the steps and finally click on the ‘Check’ button present on the top right corner to get the results.                           

There is a Menu of Options present on the top in which there will be an option of mutual following. This is basically an option using which you can check that who does not follow you back and whom you do not follow back.

Unfollowgram is a website and not an app. However it has been optimized for mobile web browsing for users who want to get the job done on their smartphones. In case, It doesn’t work for you we have listed UnfollowGram Alternatives Below.

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2. Instafollow

This is an iOS app which you will need to download and install before using. After installation, connect it with your Instagram account to track your followers.

Instafollow also shows you a summary of your follower stats on the main tab including new followers, lost followers and more. By tapping onto who Unfollowed me, you can see a list of users who unfollowed you.                                                                  

Also if you have blocked someone then it is quite easy to unblock that user using Instafollow.

3. Statusbrew

Statusbrew is yet another amazing social media tool that you can use with Instagram, Facebook and other social media networks. To use this service you are first required to create an account on it and then give it permission to access your Instagram account in order to track your followers.

After registering and giving permissions to the application, find and click on Audience which is located beside your Instagram photo. After that select New Unfollowers to see the list of users who unfollowed you recently.                                            

However this is a paid service and nothing will be shown to you unless you upgrade to the premium version. Access StatusBrew here.

This is it. These three are the best sources that you can use to find out people who unfollowed you on Instagram. If you find the article helpful then comment below for others to see and share it with your friends.

Source: Lifehack

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