What is Bluestacks App Player and is it safe to use? {Answered}

Bluestacks App Player is a software program that makes your computer or laptop capable of using Android Apps. So basically it is an ‘emulator‘.

Bluestacks app player

Bluestacks App Player

By using the Bluestacks App Player you can use apps of your Android device straight on your PC. Apps using which you can share files from your Android to your PC wirelessly at high speeds. Even Whatsapp can be used on your PC via Bluestacks.

So basically using Bluestacks App Player you can experience full Android Experience.

This App is produced by Bluestacks which is a mobile company based in Silicon Valley. Along with Bluestacks App Player, Gametop is also a popular application developed by Bluestacks. Though in this article we will only focus on Bluestacks App Player.

So is it safe to you?

Bluestacks App Player is just an emulator app that lets you use Android apps on your PC, it is not any sort of virus or a harmful file. So what I believe is that the app is harmful and does not have any risks however, it can sync information from your Android phone, so only use Bluestacks app player on the device that you own.

For further help and quiries you can read the Privacy Policy of Bluestacks.

How to download Bluestacks for PC?

Listening to all these advantages of the app you probably would want to try it for once. So to download Bluestacks App Player-

  • Open the official website of Bluestacks and click on the Download button to start downloading.


  • After the download is completed, double click on the file to start installation.
  • In the installation wizard, click on continue to proceed and then enable some important features by ticking the boxes present next to them.
  • Click on install.

You will now be able to use all the applications of Android straight on your PC.

You can use the Bluestacks App Player for free for a limited period of time as after that to use it you will have to pay $2/month. Though if you download a sponsored app given by bluestacks everyday then you can use the app for free.

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