Best Wifi Hacking apps for Android (Working)

If you aspire to become an ethical hacker, then WiFi hacking is an important task to learn for it. So for this purpose, a handful of apps are developed to test the network security.

However, there are a few questions that need to be answered such as-

  • What is the security level of a WiFi?
  • Why is a WiFi hacking tool required?

To be blunt, no device or network is totally secure. Hackers, crackers keep on finding flaws in the devices and networks in order to improve them or take them under siege. It basically means that your WiFi is not secure enough either and hence it can be hacked.

Best Wifi Hacking Apps

Note:- The tools and tricks to hack WiFi’s mentioned in this list are for education purpose only. Use them to only check the security of your own WiFi. Hacking someone else’s WiFi is a criminal and punishable offence,; so use the tools responsibly.

Best WiFi Hacking Apps for Android :

Android devices have a feature that lets you download and install applications from a third party source. While this creates a decrease in security level but the versatility of the platform is increased.

Now I am going to leave the best applications that you can use to check the security of a WiFi.

1. Aircrack-ng

Aircrack-ng is a tool using which you can test your network security and protect your WiFi from hackers as this is a real WiFi hacking app. Using the app on Android is quite easy but having a WiFi that has chip-set which supports monitor mode is difficult.

2. WPA WPS Tester

WPA WPS Tester is one of the most popular app used for this purpose. It was developed to scan the WiFi networks for vulnerabilities but has ended up being used for breaking the security of WiFi’s. The app tests the connection to access points with WPS PIN. To use this app you need Android 4.0 or above.

3. Kali Linux Nethunter

Kali Linux is the best operating system for ethical hacking purposes, and from the makers of that OS you get Kali Linux Nethunter, which is the first open source penetration testing platform. Its custom Kernel supports wireless injection making it the best and a must have WiFi hacking tool.

4. Zanti

Zanti is another popular app for hacking that allows the security managers to analyze the risk levels present in a network, using this app you can kill connections to prevent the targets to access any website or a server. Hence by mirroring such processes that are used by cyber attackers you can easily understand the issues in your network and make certain changes to improve security.

5. Reaver

Reaver is a password decrypting WiFi app available for Android. It has a very simple UI and hence it is quite easy to use. It detects WPS-enabled wireless routers itself and attacks with brute force of WPS registrar PINs and recovers WPA/WPA2 passphrases. It is also called as RfA in short.

6. Penetrate Pro

Penetrate Pro is an app that simply takes care of your WiFi analysis needs. It scans the WiFi’s that are present around and is able to calculate WEP/WPA keys. It requires rooting to work.

7. Nmap

Nmap is an app that is useful in hacking WiFi and taking a look into available hosts, services and more. It can be used in both rooted and non-rooted devices. Non-rooted users however, do not get some special features that rooted users get. The app is also available on other platforms such as Windows, Linux.

8. WiFi Kill

As the name suggests, WiFi kill is an app that lets you disable the internet connection of a device. The user interface is quite easy and you can get rid of unnecessary users easily. However, the app works only on a rooted phone. It has other features as well that make you able to see the network names, and grabs the websites that are being visited by the traffic.

9. WPS Connect

WPS Connect is an application using which you can play with the WiFi networks nearby. It works on rooted android devices and using this app you can even disable other users internet connection. It was initially developed for verifying if the router is secure or not. Also note that the application works on Android devices having version higher than 4.0.

10. Netspoof

Netspoof is a WiFi hacking app, using which you can play with the websites on another person’s device by using your smartphone alone. The application runs on a rooted Android phone and also works on a custom firmware such as CyanogenMod and more. The major features of the application contain redirecting webpages, deleting random words or applications etc.

Other amazing WiFi Hacking Apps:-

The apps mentioned above are the top 10. However, if you wish to check out some more applications for similar purpose for better knowledge then check out the apps listed below as well:-

  • WIBR+
  • Shark for Root
  • Fing Networks Tools
  • Router Keygen
  • WiFi Inspect
  • Arpspoof

This is it. These are the best applications that you can use to check and improve the security of your network devices. If you find this article informative then comment below for others to see and share it with people who have the same aim as your of getting better at ethical hacking.

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