How to fix the Bad Pool Header Error in Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 bad pool header is an error, which is happening even in the latest version of Windows. There are several reasons why this problem is triggering. However, Windows has solutions for every known problem, or there is a third-party solution available out there, which will help you get on board to solve the issue.

We are going to help you fix the problem and get your Windows operating system back on track. So, let’s begin.

What Triggers Windows 10 Bad Pool Header?

It happens on “Bad pool header windows 7” as well, so do not think that it only affects Windows 10 only. Not many people know how does this affect your system. You cannot avoid this problem unless you know the cause of it. We are going to list the reason for it to ensure that you are not making the same mistake.

  1. Old drivers -Almost 49% of the Windows users don’t update their drivers, which affects severely later on.
  2. Disk Errors – Ever heard of “Bad sectors” and “Fragmented,” you have to clean Installation folder every two months. If you are a heavy user who accesses Internet 12 hours a day, then cleaning every day will keep your PC run smoothly for next few months.
  3. Windows Memory Allocation –  Nothing much can be done when the problem is triggered by the Windows memory allocation. We cannot solve the problem if the Windows memory allocation is the cause of the issue.
  4. RAM – Faulty RAM can also be the issue. However, follow our steps and make an effort to get rid of the problem, if nothing work’s then RAM could be the issue there.

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As we have mentioned the prime suspects for the error “bad_pool_header,” which can be solved using our official methods. We are going to give you multiple ways to solve the problem because of there are numerous reasons behind the problem.

Windows 10 Bad Pool Header?

We are going to show you several simple methods you can try by yourself without anyone’s help because we will guide you through it. Let’s begin.

  • Update Device Drivers BSOD Bad Pool Header

It may not seem much but device drivers who have not been updated for an extended period will likely to be affected first because they tend to have missing or corrupted data in it, which will be replaced after updating the application.

You have to update them manually, or you can purchase an update program for few dollars. Since most of the need to solve this right now, allow me to show you how you can update them manually.

Step 1: Open Windows 10 search bar and type “Device manager” and open the first result.

Step 2: You can see that there are so many options in it.

Step 3: Now you might be confused, what we need to update here? Do not panic we are going to tell you exactly what you need to update. You have to update all necessary drivers, which come along with the Microsoft or you have installed it on your motherboard.

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  1. Microsoft basic display driver or your motherboard graphics driver.

  1. Disk drives – Above display drivers, you have “Disk Drives,” which you need to update the drivers using Microsoft default updater.
  2. Software devices – You have to update them all, which will solve the issue.

  1. Sounds – It does not matter if you are using Realtek or something else, make sure to update it.
  2. Network adapters – Update the network via default update or download the drivers manually from the official site.

These are things you have to update in the Device Manager.

  • Remove Recently Added Software

Every software has a unique way to solve the problem, the coding and the plugins used by the developers are going to make the difference in the running of a program.

If you have added a new program, then uninstall to check the differences.

  • Remove Newly Added Hardware

Unsupported hardware always creates problems in older PCs. We recommend you to remove a newly added device. If you have added multiple devices recently, then try to remove one-by-one and see the differences.

  1. Soundcard – They create a lot of problems.
  2. Graphics card – Badly installed graphics card can trigger the issue (update software and hardware).
  3. Network card –  Faulty chip.
  • Perform Hardware Clean Boot

have you ever heard about “Perform Hardware Clean Boot,” if not, do not panic we are going to guide how to do that manually.

Step 1: Go to the “Device manager.

Step 2: Pick any hardware you want to clean boot.

Step 3: Right-click your mouse to “Disable” it for few minutes.

Step 4: You can “Enable” it after few minutes.

You have to perform it on several devices like,

  1. Display drivers.
  2. Sound, Video, and game applications.
  3. Modem.
  4. Ports.
  5. Network Adapters.
  6. USB devices and controller.
  7. DVD/CD ROM drives.

Repeat the same procedure for all devices.

  • A Clean Windows 10 Operating System Installation

Did nothing work? It seems like there has been a significant corruption in the files, which has led to this problem. As we know that the Windows 10 comes with several options, you can fix it using few methods.

  1. Reset your PC. You can reset your PC to the original point. Watch the Youtube video on how you can reset your PC using Windows default feature. LINK.
  2. A clean installation of Windows will also be a useful method.
  • Run Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool

Almost everyone faces this issue, which looks like a software problem but turns out to be a hardware issue. You can check your RAM performance in case if your RAM has been destroyed.

Step 1: Open your search box and type “CMD.

Step 2: Now you have to type “mdsched.exe”  in the CMD.

Step 3: Your PC will automatically restart and start the WMD tool.

The diagnostics will reveal the information you need regarding your RAM.


These are the official methods available for the problem, which should be resolved when you apply them one-by-one. You can use Disk Defragmenter to check for any errors. Let us know what do you think about in the comment section.

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