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Paid Apps for Free

How to download paid apps for free Easily

Android operating system is currently one of the two most popular and dominant operating systems ruling the smartphone category. This basically means that a lot of people use Android smartphones, now there are certain advantages that Android has over iOS and to use those advantages you need to know certain tricks. One advantage that Android has…

dolby atmos android

How to install Dolby Atmos On any Android Device

Dolby Atmos for android smartphones is an amazing implementation. It creates great entertainment experience as when you use it then it basically seems as if sound is coming from all directions, including overhead along with astonishing clarity and richness.   However the feature is not available for every smartphone. It is a default application for some…

record iPhone screen

How to record your iPhone Screen Easiest way

Screenshots have gotten very popular nowadays. We send screenshots to our friends or family a lot of times, whether we use it to share something important, a conversation or a hilarious meme, they come handy. However there are times when only screenshots are unable to convey the message that we want to deliver. As a…