How to access blocked websites — Working methods!

The Governments these days are censoring and monitoring content on the internet a lot. As a result various websites are banned and restricted in various areas. All of us love to watch content for free and fortunately there are websites that offer content for free but unfortunately a lot of those websites are now banned. You can access Blocked sites by following this post.

Access Blocked Websites

So why are these websites banned?

This is because these websites offer the copyrighted content for free, which comes as a loss to the producers. Along with this, if a website shows content that does not follow the culture and tradition of the country then the country’s government also bans it.

For example in India the Indian High Court recently blocked over 200 websites as they streamed FIFA World Cup for free.

However, I have found a few ways using which you can open blocked websites online irrespective of where you are watching from. So to know how, follow

Methods to Access Blocked Websites:-

  • Using VPN

Virtual Proxy Network or VPN in short is something using which you can connect your device to another network on the internet. It basically put your IP Address of a far place, where the websites that are banned in your country are not banned. You can use Hola VPN or TunnelBear VPN along with Chrome.

Hence, you can visit the websites that are blocked in your country. Moreover it also increases the security and for further security strength combine the power of TOR and VPN.

  • Using Proxy Sites

When certain websites are blocked by your ISP then by using Proxy Sites, they can be opened. It basically camouflages the website that was blocked from the list of blocked websites of your ISP for you to be able to open that website. You can open Blocked websites using Free Proxy Websites.

To get the free Proxy Website for any particular website, all you need to do is a google search. As an example: YouTube Proxy Server.

  • Using IP over URL

The blocked websites are blocked by their URLs and if this happens to be the case then by using the IP the website can be accessed. However you will need to get the IP address of the website for that purpose.

To get the IP run CMD in your computer and type “ping” and finally press Enter. This will give you the IP Address. Copy it and paste it into your browser’s address bar and click enter. Now, You will be able to open blocked site online.

  • Using Google Translate

Some countries do not ban Google Translate, so to visit these certain blocked websites try changing it to another language of your choice.

Additionally Microsoft’s Bing Translate can work as well.

  • Bypassing Via an Extension

If the website that is blocked by your country is dynamic such as Twitter or YouTube then by using an extension it can be accessed. Hola and ProxMate are two great extension that you can try.

  • Changing Network Proxy in Browser

If you have more than one proxy in the region where the website is blocked then by using other proxy, it can be accessed.

To change the Proxy, find the connection/network options in the settings of your browser and select the No Proxy option or use another.

  • URL Recasting

When the website is hosted in VPN, it does not have a verified SSL installed. So to visit such websites change the URL from to By doing this, you will be able to access the website.

  • Using RSS Feed

RSS readers get the fresh content and read it with ease, so to open the blocked website simply grab the RSS feed and add it to your reader.

  • Use HTML to PDF Converter

There are certain tools using which you can download a webpage straight on your computer without even visiting it. Click here and enter the URL of the website that you want to open and it will download the HTML page in PDF format for you.

  • Using IP Anonymizer like Tor

The Tor browser is a very popular and secure web browser. It can act as a web blocker bypass tool if you set it properly, You can basically unlock the websites that are blocked by your country and stay anonymous as well. You can access blocked websites using Tor without Proxies or VPN.


This is it. These are the best ways using which you can view and use blocked websites easily. If you find this article informative then comment below and share it with your pals.

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